Gravida Science Symposium 2013

Gravida Science Symposium 2013

Scientific presentations at Gravida’s annual Science Symposium 2013 (9-10 September) took attendees through five session blocks, theming the talks into 'environmental influences', 'cellular-level mechanisms', and 'pregnancy and 'programming' on Day One; before moving downstream to 'clinical interventions' and 'translation' on Day Two.

Links to videos of all the science sessions currently available are in the right hand column of this page.

PLEASE NOTE: As at 30 September 2013 we are only part-way through loading the 20 sessions in batches. If the video you want to view is not listed yet, please check back in a few days.

An archived event timetable can be downloaded here (PDF).

A short overview article summarising the general themes from the presentations is now available here on our website.

The full list of videos is:

Day One:

Session 1: Environmental Influences

Session 2: Pregnancy and Programming

Session 3: Cellular Mechanisms

Session 4: Looking Back - celebrating 10 years of Gravida

Day Two:

Session 5: Student 'Bus-Stop' Presentation Competition

The complete compeition can be viewed here.

Session 6: Interventions for Health Benefits

Session 7: Intervening and Translating