About Us

Gravida is an inter-institutional, inter-disciplinary virtual research network which brings together a diverse range of scientists from across , and the world, to undertake high-quality research into the biology of growth and development.

Gravida is one of 's seven Centres of Research Excellence (CoREs). CoREs are primarily inter-institutional research centres that were established by the Government in 2002 to encourage collaboration in key research areas.

Our virtual centre includes researchers with expertise across the animal, biomedical, and population sciences. These researchers are undertaking activities ranging from conceptual and molecular studies of mammalian growth and development to translational and evaluative research.

Our vision and purpose

What makes a healthy start for a productive life? This question is of fundamental importance to the health of the current and future generations of ers and to the economic strength of our country. We are seeking to gain an integrated understanding of how the early-life environment influences outcomes throughout life, with the ultimate aim of contributing to improved human health and agricultural productivity.

Our history

Originally called the National Research Centre for Growth and Development, Gravida was established in 2003 under the leadership of its founding director Professor Sir Peter Gluckman as a Centre of Research Excellence (CoRE). The CoRE funding scheme is a government initiative aimed at encouraging the development of collaborative, strategic research that creates significant knowledge transfer opportunities. Within this framework, the Centre’s researchers work together on agreed programmes that align to its strategic goals.

Our funding

The Government provides funding to Gravida via the CoRE Fund, which is administered by the Tertiary Education Commission. Gravida was initially awarded $24.44M for the 2003–2008 period. It has subsequently been allocated $40.88M operational funding for the period 2008–2014.